We enable the clients to be themself and make the best out of it. Just BE

Vesna Lorenc

multicultural trainer and identity coach, founder of Just BE

VESNA – my name says a lot about me. It’s roots derive from old Slavonic meaning of the word “spring” symbolizing awakening, new life, beginning of new cycle in nature.
It is also related to words “VEST” and “VESNIK” which in my mother tongue Serbian means message, news. Vesna is a name given to people that announce good news. In other words I am the messenger of good news. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that I recently discovered this last meaning of my name, only after starting my professional path in growth and development.

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„Human being comes first – as a whole, as a being, as sense. I believe in holistic self-development approach. What determines you as a person, also determines your social, life and business roles. In my belief you can’t separate BEING from FULFILLMENT. There is no synergy unless you know who you are or who you aspire to become. Working with integral development program looks and approaches a person as a whole and reflects who you truly are to other roles in your life. Thus benefits you personally, your environment and organizations in which you function daily.”

Vesna Lorenc – multicultural trainer and identity coach
founder of Just BE




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Offer for individual customers


…I recommend working with Vesna to every person which requires a genial, supporting, attentive companion alongside to discovering hearts desires, setting up ambitious goals and giving life deeper meaning and quality which goes beyond our imagination of what is possible…
Patrycja Załug,
Vesna is extremely positive, open and sensitive human being. When working with a group you can just see her commitment, willingness to establish contact with all of the members, to master consciousness inside the process. She is also characterized with great creativity and ability to think outside the box. Her communication is straight forward and consistent…
Piotr, participant of Competence Center NGO