VESNA – my name says a lot about me. It’s roots derive from old Slavonic meaning of the word “spring” symbolizing awakening, new life, beginning of new cycle in nature.
It is also related to words “VEST” and “VESNIK” which in my mother tongue Serbian means message, news. Vesna is a name given to people that announce good news. In other words I am the messenger of good news. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that I recently discovered this last meaning of my name, only after starting my professional path in growth and development.

I have been brought up at the crossroads of cultures

Where west meats east and south meats north. I arrived from south to north and I am combination of Balkan temper, Serbian soul with northern reliability and precision. Unique geographical location is one of the similarities between Serbia and Poland, both of which are located on the path that unites different cultures and nationalities.

For many years I have attended Russian School that brought me closer to Russian culture and its romantic nation. In the 80’s the school was attended by then existing eastern Bloc citizens, great mix of cultures, languages and nationalities as you can imagine.

I later studied international relations, which allowed me to take a closer look at complexity of geopolitical situation in the world. My professional career began at an international corporation where I worked closely with companies from France, Germany, USA, Turkey, Hungary and Serbia.

Through this experience I became familiar with western and eastern working ethics and styles. I understand the specificity of international projects. I speak five languages and I simply know and understand what living in foreign country and longing for homeland really means.

All of these experiences enhance my desire to work in an intercultural environment.

Living in harmony with myself.

When I started my adventure with coaching it was for personal reasons of self development. I was looking for my own path. During my studies I came to a conclusion that working with people, assisting and guiding their growth is my true passion and I wished to do it professionally. To share my knowledge and skills and help others in finding their fulfilment.

I am a master of managing change – from relocating to another country during my childhood, to having full time job, giving birth to my lovely daughters and establishing my own successful business in a new field. I manage to reconcile roles of a wife, mother and entrepreneur and I truly believe that the kind of person you are determine your other roles in life. That is why coherence and identity topics are so dear to me.

What fascinates me most in coaching is the fact that one can reach it’s goals through choosing different paths and it’s the participants that decide which path they will take. I can only assist them and create the right conditions for it. I feel so moved to be able to work with people and I love to do it.

My strong sides are attentiveness, courage, empathy, building strong bonds and trust with clients.

My specialization is working closely with identity, cohesion, multiculturalism.

My history


The beginning


Russian School of Warsaw


job in an international PR agency PR (PUBLICIS group)


masters at the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw


contract with PriceWaterHouse USAID in Serbia


establishment of my own PR Agency VeL


Business Trainer diploma and the beginning of development carrier


Group Coach diploma

just-be logo

The new beginning – JUST BE coaching & training for individuals and groups

4 areas of expertise Just BE
„Human being comes first – as a whole, as a being, as sense. I believe in holistic self-development approach. What determines you as a person, also determines your social, life and business roles. In my belief you can’t separate BEING from FULFILLMENT. There is no synergy unless you know who you are or who you aspire to become. Working with integral development program looks and approaches a person as a whole and reflects who you truly are to other roles in your life. Thus benefits you personally, your environment and organizations in which you function daily.”

Vesna Lorenc – multicultural trainer and identity coach
founder of Just BE

Just BE for companies and organizations

  • Synergy as a key for effective management
  • Leadership based on cohesion and authenticity
  • Mission vision goal – work based on team/company image
  • Role balance / life-work balance for employees
  • Managing cultural differences and using diversity as a tool for efficiency in a multicultural team
Just BE for individual clients

  • Become Yourself – working on identity, cohesion, fulfillment, change
  • Balancing roles – parenting and professional
  • Changing perspective as a tool to fulfillment
  • Living abroad – setting and completing goals in a new cultural surrounding
Working methods:

  • Individual and group coaching
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Long term development groups
  • Action learning
  • Moderation meetings (to increase efficiency)
  • Presentation and interactive lectures (with workshop elements)
  • Strategic consulting (mission, vision, PR)
  • Simulation and role play
Working methods and inspirations:

  • TROP method
  • Zen coaching
  • Kaizen
  • NLP
  • The Work
  • Clean Coaching
  • Humanistic psychology oriented on process
  • Positive psychology